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Advanced Health & Fitness Coach Camlin Jackson at The Functional BodySHOP
TRX & Personal Trainer Lonell Jackson

Camlin Oliver-Jackson

As an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, I feel it's my life's mission to help as many people as I can find a way to make healthier choices and maintain an active lifestyle. Exercise doesn't have to involve going to the gym, lifting weights or trying to use a bunch of big bulky machines. It's about making time and building consistency. My training involves functional training that is safe, easy to follow, effective, and convenient. I focus on straightening the body, building a stronger core, and then strengthening the total body when training. Next, I really work to help make better nutritional choices because you need a good diet plan to maximize the training process in seeing results. The way I train my clients, is the same way I have learned to train my own body.

Lonell Jackson

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