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Take the trainer and gym with you and train whenever and wherever you want. Train as often and as hard as you like to get the best and fastest results.

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Functional BodySHOP in Puyallup provides Advanced Health & Functional  Fitness coaching for all fitness levels and goals. All personal training comes with nutritional coaching and our meal planning application to maximize and maintain your results.

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The foundation of all our training programs begin with nutrition. Weight loss and better health can be achieved through diet alone, and foremost.

We can help you develop a complete and effective meal plan that will not only make you feel better in little time, but will create balance in your diet and overall health.


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Since 2012

Advanced Health & Fitness Training

Functional BodySHOP Advanced Fitness and Health Studio in Puyallup works with people who want to make healthier choices in their daily lives starting with their fitness and health.  We provide individualized fitness, nutrition, coaching,  and education designed to create measurable, on going, and, long lasting results that are guaranteed to improve your quality of life.

Our training programs come with the fitness, nutrition, and health blueprint and guidelines that will get your body stronger, leaner, and with a lower and healthier body fat, while also creating a new outlook on your overall health with unprecedented results!


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